How old is anakin and padme in episode 1

When i look at star wars 1 and 2 i can see that she has aged. May 18, 2011 padme was 12 years old during phantom menance and thats the age she was when he met 9 year old anakin asked in star wars movies, tv shows and series how old is yoda in episode 1. Star wars creator george lucas has collectively referred to the first six episodic films. Sw episode 1 anakin and padme by katytorres on deviantart. Episode i anakin skywalker is a child and padme is a young lady. Having padme be one of the cofounders of the rebellion wouldve.

Clone wars anakin would raise the bestmost responsible children. Well friends, today marks an exciting moment in the history of this stupid website. The marriage, witnessed by the droids c3po and r2d2, was kept secret due to amidalas place as a prominent senator in the. Age difference between anakin skywalker and padme in the. Older sources put luke and leia at either 18 or 20 years old at the time of episode iv. All the signs pointed towards natalie portmans character, padme, despite no romantic interaction between her and anakin aside from nineyear old anakin asking 14year old padme if she is an angel. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Maybe padme s death had caused anakin to drop off the deep end.

Aug 26, 2010 i guess you throw in the fact that anakin has absent mother issues and padme has been hothoused and probably didnt have much in the way of a childhood and youre creating a somewhat distracting element in the relationship. In episode i, we see a nineyearold boy use the corniest pickup line ever on a 14yearold girl. Movie trailers focused on anakin and a onesheet poster showing him casting vaders shadow informed otherwise unknowing audiences of. While it was obvious that anakin was in love in episode 1, its not really suggested that padme was yet having sexual thoughts about anakin. The human boy was immediately fascinated by amidalas beauty, asking her whether she was an angel from the moons of iego. First mentioned in return of the jedi, she is introduced in the phantom menace as the teenaged queen of naboo, and after her reign, becomes a senator and an antiwar spokesperson in the galactic senate. The only people who know of their marriage is the couple themselves, c3p0, r2d2, the pastor, and shianna. Padme was never given a reason to fall in love with anakin. Senator padme amidala, escorted by depa billapa and her new padawan, caleb dume, are sent to the watery world of mahdella, on a negotiation mission that is about to go terribly wrong. The story of anakin and padme is one of the starcrossed lovers. And yes 1415 year old girls can be seen as adult while 8 year old boys are not seen as even teenagers. Natalie portman was sixteen at the shooting of episode i and eighteen when it was released. Revenge of the sith, anakin skywalker is faced with a pivotal decision on which the entire saga hangs. And anakin was 9 years old at the beginning of star wars 1, but he turned 10 years before the end of the movis because he is 20 years in star wars 2.

Natalie portman as padme amidala in star wars episode ii. Episode 3 he was a psychopath who murdered people and children. By the time of their sexual relationship in attack of the. Oct 14, 2017 its been fine years since the day on mustafar luke and leia are 1 years old and anakin skywalker is no where to be found or is he padme decides to go find anakin not knowing how dangerous it might be. Meanwhile, anakin skywalker, his padawan ahsoka tano and obiwan kenobi are mired in their own problems. The age difference between padme amidala and anakin skywalker. And i like the conversation about compassion as well. So you made it past the first video, congratulations.

This is a fan fic about what episode 1 could have been. Then it came to me, padme and obiwan were having an affair. He is a primary antagonist in the original trilogy, but, in his birth identity as anakin skywalker, is a main protagonist in the prequel trilogy. Older sources put luke and leia at either 18 or 20 years old at the time of episode iv, but we now know that they are born in episode. So i think the both of them influence one another pretty well. Furthermore, they were separated soon after meeting, as padme went back to naboo and anakin became a padawan under obi wan. You can skip episode i completely and basically miss nothing. They did not meet again until episode 2, where they were both above age 18. Padme employed by bail organa, with jedi master anakin skywalker as her reluctant copilot, captain padme naberrie is on a dangerous mission to locate and rescue the jedi that emperor mace windu has decreed to be a threat. Could that be a mistake that shes trying to find her true love.

Anakin, obi wan and shianna work together frequently. I dont think i wouldve minded whiny anakin in aotc if that were the first movie. The scene, shared by twitter user jingoistic pig shows anakin, rex, and the bad batch clone troopers boarding the bad batchs ship. Age of republic padme amidala 1 is the eighth oneshot in the canon comic book anthology series star wars. Padme sets out in secret to try to bring a neutral world into the republic fold.

So what was the age difference between anakin and padme. Disney removed the sexy padme nose art scene from the latest star wars. Anakin is a 9yearold slave on the desert planet of tatooine. I think padme was in her midteens, not sure exactly how old exactly. Darth vader is a fictional character in the star wars franchise. Its also a fact that a lot of kids who got to watch episode 1 during its initial theatrical release enjoyed it precisely because there was a kid in it. Watching attack of the clones im coming to understand what my problems are with the anakin padme relationship and the missed opportunities and what worked. The phantom menace 1999, lucas made anakin nine years old to make the characters separation from his mother poignant. That isnt pandering in any way whatsoever, any more than it is pandering to have. Or maybe the lawyers wprds about being seen as stable family unit has finally got to him or he hated the idea of being a widower. This told about what happened in the new star wars movie, episode i, through a journal by nineyear old anakin skywalker. Anakin is a 9year old slave on the desert planet of tatooine. He focus too much on action and not in development of characters. Anakin was all, leave him, lets go bang on the bodies of the children i.

But when they meet, romance is the last thing on both of their minds, especially padmes. It wasnt until 2002 that lucas fully dove into the love story between padme and anakin in star wars. But with padme piloting, the sledge avoids the worst of the spills, and anakin is able to forcepush embo out of pursuit. Pt why do so many people hate that anakin was a kid in. Disguised as a handmaiden, padme meets nineyearold slave anakin. Anyway, for the majority of the episode, anakin is notably absent as he gets sent back to the battlefield without. When your crush is a 14 year old queen and warrior and it doesnt matter youre just a 9 year old boy and want to marry her. Born in 46 bby during the age of the republic, padme naberrie was raised by her. The romance between anakin and padme, as i said, it felt a bit rushed in aotc as a lot has to happen. The real answer is that lucas screwed up royally in casting jake lloyd as a young anakin, and screwed up again in making the character only nine in episode 1. Now, granted, given announcement posts and the like, this doesnt mean ive recapped exactly 100 things yet. He was a few weeks away from his 20th birthday in episode 2. Padme amidala born padme naberrie is a fictional character in the star wars franchise.

Revenge of the sith for what must the 100th time, i thought to myself, why is anakin so mad at obiwan, i mean what did he ever do to him. Whats the age difference between anakin skywalker and. Not have a passing fling with him because she had a thing about either jedi or selfcentered brooding assholes, but an actual long term romance. The old republic jedi fallen order battlefrontreihe thrawntrilogien darthbanetrilogie nachspiel. Padme amidalaanakin skywalker works archive of our own. Jake lloyd was eight at the shooting and ten when it was released. When padme turned the holo back on, another voice message played. Though he knows that quigon tried hard to free him, and that his mother would have preferred that it were him, a big part of him is far happier that it is his mother who will no longer have to slave away without any hope of seeing returns, even if it means that he. Anakin and padme continue to go up the tower to capture admiral therus, only they are now aided. Padme is 5 years older than anakin padme is 19 year old and 9 year old in episode 1 asked in star wars movies. He reprised the role in later star wars video games. Actually anakin was 9 but turned 10 by the end of the film the phantom menace and padme was 14. The phantom menace, padme is 14 years old and one of the. At least itd make sense compared to little bowl cut 9 year old anakin.

Dec 12, 2012 i thought it was a bit strange for a 12 year old padme to have feelings for a 9 year old anakin in tpm. How did anakin skywalker age so fast, compared to padme. The best day of anakin s life is simultaneously the worst of his mothers. Analyzing padmes age gap and anakins turn to the dark side. Embo fires at massive icicles looming overhead, causing them to cascade in a torrent of heavy ice. Anakin skywalker episode 1 vs anakin skywalker episode 2. Age difference between anakin skywalker and padme in the star. What if the empire find out shes trying to find anakin aka darth vader. Age difference between anakin and padme star wars fanpop. With ewan mcgregor, liam neeson, natalie portman, jake lloyd.

He didnt know exactly what caused him to be here he was in court, getting married to ahsoka tano in front of a very confused judge. In episode i, we see a nineyear old boy use the corniest pickup line ever on a 14year old girl. When in danger, amidala would disguise herself as one of her staff of five loyal. Of all the relationships in the star wars universe, padme and anakin is without a doubt the most troubling. Ive been rewatching the star wars movies over the past few weeks in bits and pieces. When the two lovebirds first meet in the phantom menace, anakin is nine years old while padme is fourteen. Since he first laid eyes on her, anakin was obsessed with padme. It expands on his character and is a fun book to read. Does anyone know what was padme s age at that time. So if attack of the clones is 10 years later that would put anakin at 20 years old and his birthday wouldve had to be days before they were assigned to protect padme from the assassination attempts. Id say probably 15 or something like that, if i had to guess.

Oct 28, 2016 star wars episode 3 revenge of the sith what if obiwan brought anakin back to the light in revenge of the sith. Age difference between anakin skywalker and padme in the star wars prequel trilogy. While trying to negotiate for spare parts with the junk dealer watto, the party met anakin skywalker, then a nineyear old slave. Anakin calls r2d2 for help before concentrating on deflecting the incoming blasts. His mentor, chancellor sheev palpatine, has been unmasked as the. If anakin was a girl and padme was a young man, their relationship in star wars episode 1 would have likely caused outrage.

Going by that, anakin is about 20 in episode ii, and padme is about 28. Disney removes sexy padme nose art from latest star wars. The star wars prequels try to frame anakin and padme as the. I even believe now that episode 1 is the best of the 3 prequels. A 14year old queen made one misstep and doomed the galaxy for a generation. Episode i, the phantom menace, when anakin and padme met for the first time, anakin was a 5 year old child, i think. The battle would look very similar to the one in episode 2. Obi wan and shianna still have feeling for each other, but they do not let them show. Mar 28, 2017 way back in episode ii, poor ol obiwan kinda got himself captured by dooku and the separatists.

But i get its not everybodys cup of tea, personally, i dont like jjabrams direction. The video that you just watched is about what we know to be the star wars original trilogy, and is the story of anakin and padme s children, luke skywalker and. Despite her ideals and all she did for the cause of peace, her secret, forbidden marriage to jedi anakin skywalker would prove to have dire consequences for the galaxy. How did having anakin be a 9 year old kid in the phantom. Revenge of the sith novel, and neither the word luke nor leia appear before their birth. Anakin, padme, ahsoka and the council watch youtube chapter 2. Padme falls in love with one of the jedis that was sent to protect her in. The fact that anakin s so creepy at the best of times doesnt help much either, but maybe thats just me.

In the third film of the prequel trilogy, he becomes a main antagonist alongside palpatine. Padme amidala born padme naberrie is a fictional character in the star wars franchise, appearing in the prequel trilogy portrayed by natalie portman. The phantom menace, padme is 14 years old and one of the youngest queens naboo has ever elected. Jake matthew lloyd born march 5, 1989, also known as jake broadbent, is an american former child actor who portrayed anakin skywalker in the 1999 film star wars. Two jedi escape a hostile blockade to find allies and come across a young boy who may bring balance to the force, but the long dormant sith resurface to claim their old glory.

Hes just old school for the contemporary and yeh for the new times he was late in that, he prefers silentvisual storytelling when dialogue comes second. In addition to being one of three primary characters in the star wars prequel. How did anakin skywalker age so fast, compared to padme amidala. The video that you just watched is about what we know to be the star wars original trilogy, and is the story of anakin and padme s children, luke skywalker and leia organa. It was written by jody houser, illustrated by wilton santos and cory smith, and published on march 6, 2019 by marvel comics. In turn, the queen thought the boy was a bit odd, yet charming. Its weird because they had a new actor replace anakin in the transition from episode i to episode ii, but they have the same actor from playing padme. Meanwhile, anakin and padme were the off galavanting around on tatooine murdering sand people puppies and drinking blue milk, when they get the distress call. Padme amidala was a courageous, hopeful leader, serving as queen and then senator of naboo and was also handy with a blaster. Anakin reassuring padme about leaving for naboo, for example, and padme. Anakin, padme, ahsoka and the council watch youtube. In the phantom menace set in 32 bby anakin is aged 9 and padme is 14.

They have us believe that padme was fourteen when she looked eighteen t. The events in this story are occurring during attack of the clones. Episode i the phantom menace, the first in the star wars prequel trilogy. Afaik, there is also no eu material that takes place during those events so, if there is any dialogue about the names of the kids, its done off screen. And yeah, when anakin accidentally blew up the droid ship, that was such a mistake. Star wars episode 3 revenge of the sith what if obiwan brought anakin back to the light in revenge of the sith. It is a bit like a babysitter hooking up with the kid she babysat, but im sure that happens all the time. The story of anakin and padme is one of the starcrossed lovers because of their positions in life.

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