Amsterdam public transport map pdf

And, public transport is best way to get to all of the places of interest and attractions. Here are a collection of official amsterdam transport maps updated for 2019. Free amsterdam maps and apps for download and print. Official amsterdam transport maps 2019 almere tours. Amsterdam public transport system info for tourists amsterdam public transport system can be confusing, but with my tips you will easily to find your way through the city. In order to have an overview of all the available public transport lines, we advise you to download this map as pdf. The most convenient option for visitors is a disposable onehour card or day card valid for one to seven days. If you are arriving to amsterdams airport or train station, or leaving the city. Would you like to find out which season ticket or discount product is most suitable for your daily routes. Amsterdam public transport system info for tourists. In addition to the digital route map, there are also maps in pdf that you can download.

Use amsterdams easy and affordable public transport network to get around the. Choose a route out of 4 signposted routes ranging from 5km to 25km. Or visit 9292ov for travel advice including all forms of public transport available. Amsterdam public transport system can be confusing, but with my tips you will easily to find your way through the city. If youre using public transport in amsterdam and beyond, the public transport chip card ovchipkaart is used for travel on trams, buses and metros. Amsterdam being made by public transport or bicycle. Official amsterdam transport maps 2019 amsterdam tram bus metro train maps.

Tourists typically stay within the canals and therefore dont need a confusing map with every. The word official appears because these maps are copies of the transit maps put out by transport companies themselves. Public transport map bus railway with station tul pomania haarlem tulpomania tour haarlemkeukenhof until may 16, 2016 book now tulpomania. The metro in amsterdam is a light rail network which is useful for travel down the central spine of the city and can get you to the outer suburbs of. Before seeing the sights, you may wish to consult the 9292 route planner or gvb website to help you find the. Fill in the from and to fields above and click the button below to get a personalized advice. Com rent your bike at the parking near the main entrance of keukenhof.

Our map of amsterdam metro shows already operating lines. Whether you need light rail, ferry, bus or metro maps, tourist maps, monuments maps, neighborhood maps, bike. For inspiration on what to visit outside amsterdam, view the amsterdam area map pdf of all the attractions and sights within an hour of the city by public transport. Would you like to find out which season ticket or discount product is. I will provide you with a printable map of the center of the city the streets are u shaped and its easy to get lost and difficult to find your way back to hotel. These amsterdam transport maps are quite accurate, but not entirely helpful for most tourists. The handy tourist guide contains a map showing the attractions and places of interest in amsterdam, discount coupons and public transport information. The amsterdam subway network is fairly easy compared to other european capitals. Unlimited use of amsterdam public transport with the ov chip card. Moovit has easytodownload transportation maps in pdf format from around the world. Detailed and highresolution maps of amsterdam for free download. Amsterdam public transport system a practical guide with printable pdf map.

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