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These are the instructions for building the lego bionicle toa mata nui that was released in 2009. Bionicle i the mask of light full movie by andrew kat. Bionicle mistika 2008 the rise of mata nui youtube. Mata nui was developed by the great beings on the planet spherus magna. Mask of light 2003, before they rewrote its script to keep the mystery of the giant robot a secret for some more years. With jason michas, andrew francis, scott mcneil, lee tockar. Mata nui was an island located on the ocean moon of aqua magna, which was a gigantic chunk that broke off of spherus magna. Mata nui s original form, as shown in the bionicle comics.

Originally a subsidiary of legos technic series, the line launched in europe and australasia in 2000 and in the americas in 2001. These toa later transformed into the toa nuva when they emerged from energized protodermis after defeating the bohrok queens, cahdok and gahdok. Mata nui online game ii released on the lego bionicle website, it is the sequel to the mata nui online game and takes place before and during the events of bionicle. It looks like we dont have a synopsis for this title yet. Oct 23, 2011 the first bionicle movie subscribe for more. The beginning scene with the mata nui robot rising out of the ocean, destroying the island, was the originally intended ending for bionicle. The shadow matoran kirop, struggling in the hands of takanuva, is struck by the sonic attack of a klakk and has his inner light returned to him. As such, it was the northernmost island in the universe. A 3minute fully animated film concluding the first 8 years of the bionicle legend. An hour long movie of your favorite flash episodes from the mata nui online game. Mask of light was the first of four directtovhsdvd bionicle movies, based on the late 2003 story. Mata nui fights against the warrior, and eventually succeeds in breaking off the voroxs stinger tail and driving it away.

May 24, 2015 bekijk bionicle the legend reborn full movie sacha nienhuis op dailymotion. A full playlist of slideshows of all my bionicle mocs, including a few story details as well. Bionicle the legend reborn full movie video dailymotion. Each half included a movie, legends of metru nui and web of shadows. Released in 2001, the game has touched many fans hearts and we thought this would be a perfect way to make a. With the help of natures elements and their masks of power, they embark on a mission to save the islanders from the evil forces of the makuta. Mask of light in which the player may select different regions on the island of mata nui and learn of different facts about the characters associated with the regions. His feet, legs and chest also easily pivots due to piston type pieces on his legs and chest. Betrayed by the brotherhood of makuta under makuta teridax, his spirit was forced into the kanohi ignika and expelled into space. Michael dorn also voiced mata nui in the mata nui saga.

All characters will also have a gallery of pictures and the major characters in bionicle. Landing on bara magna, mata nui found himself entrenched in a planetwide conflict and put aside his own concerns to assist newfound allies. Metru nui, the city of legends, was the island that formed mata nuis brain. Mata nui is a character created by lego for the bionicle storyline. When kiina arrived, she mocked mata nui by asking if he called the bug click.

Everything wrong with bionicle mask of light in under 22 minutes duration. Created in 2001 to bolster the technic division of lego building toys, bionicle would carry on for multiple years and become one of the companys most successful and popular product lines, paving the way for several other original properties like. Aug 04, 2009 the full length version of bionicle mistika 2008. The legend of mata nui rebuilt as previously announced, today biomedia project associates litestone studios has released their rebuilt version on bionicle. Sep 06, 20 and here it is, the final bionicle movie i have patched up from different media. The only hope for the survival of the islanders rests with two matoran villagers, who must find the seventh toa and deliver him the mask of light. Six legendary, biomechanical heroes called toa arrive on the tropical island of mata nui. The legend of mata nui video game 2001 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. And here it is, the final bionicle movie i have patched up from different media. Matoran adventures released for game boy advance in 2002, you play as matoran fighting against the bohrok. Mata nui s original body was 40 million feet high, or 12,000 km high 7,575.

A 3minute fully animated film concluding the first 8 years of the bionicle lege. Bionicle is a constraction constructionaction theme with a series of sets using modified technic pieces and ballandsocket joints to create large, elaborate figures. A villager with no memories travels around the fantastical island of mata nui, helping its people fend against the makutas darkness and chronicling the achievements of the mighty toa heroes. Go to the install directory, go to the properties of bionicle. These are the instructions for building the lego bionicle mata nui that was released in 2009. The great beings created tren krom to sustain the matoran universe while mata nui s body was being constructed.

The scarabax beetle click was released as a thirtythree piece set 20012 in the septemberoctober 2009 issue of lego brickmaster magazine. Mata nuis original form, as shown in the bionicle comics. Mask of light the movie, is a 2003 directtovideo science fantasy action film based on the bionicle toy series created by lego. He is a godlike figure revered by the matoran people however, he is not worshipped as a deity. It was their destiny to awaken the great spirit after he was put to sleep by makuta teridax.

Theres actually a reference in the ninjago movie set. The rise of mata nui also known as the final battle animation is an online animation featured on bionicle. Mata nui explorer is a bonus feature included in bionicle. Bekijk bionicle the legend reborn full movie sacha nienhuis op dailymotion. A new trailer has been released earlier today for a fanmade rpg based on legos classic bionicle franchise, titled bionicle. Apr 18, 2010 an hour long movie of your favorite flash episodes from the mata nui online game. As mata nui marvels at the weapon, he is attacked by a vorox. Set in a universe filled with biomechanical beings allied with classical elementthemed tribes, the story follows two friends from the firebased village of takoro on a quest to find the owner of the mask of light. After landing on the faraway planet of bara magna, the mask creates a new body for mata nui, who unwillingly gets caught up continue reading bionicle. The legend reborn 2009 full movie watch cartoons online. Click was included with preordered copies of the legend reborn as a promotional deal in the united kingdom his transformed state, the scarab shield, consisted of two pieces and was included in the the 2009 canister set 8989 mata nui. It has sold over 400 million copies worldwide since its release.

While the matoran prepare to return to metru nui, tales are told of when mata nui fell asleep, showing how metru nui became lost. Mata nuis original body was 40 million feet high, or 12,000 km high 7,575. Since i consider 2009 noncanon, this will indeed be the last one i make. It is the second set containing a form of mata nui. Legends of metru nui is a 2004 directtovideo science fantasy action film and the second film based on legos bionicle toy line. As you may have seen on the live stream, we have obtained a copy of an alpha version of the unreleased 2001 pc game, bionicle. The toa mata were the group of toa who first saved the island of mata nui from makuta.

Over the following decade, it became one of legos biggestselling properties. The island of mata nui must face one final threat from the evil makuta. The island was named after the great spirit by turaga vakama it was created in 1 bgc when teridaxs makuta virus sent mata nui to sleep. If you want to check it out for yourself, check out the page right here. This film follows the 2004 storyline and was created using lego elements from the bionicle series. Mask of light, in which you play as hahli of gakoro. The legend reborn hd movies free download 720p 1080p. See image of michael dorn, the voice of mata nui in bionicle. Mata nui thanks it for helping him and attempts to let it go, but the scarabax refuses and crawls back onto his shoulder. Click accompanied mata nui to vulcanus, where mata nui had click transform into a shield in order to defend the glatorian ackar. If it no longer meets these criteria, you can reassess it. Bionicle staff answers questions from fans bionicle 2. It was inhabited by matoran up until 0 bgc, at which time new matoran from other locations moved in when their homes were destroyed.

As a result, he crashed on aqua magna, a malfunction in his camouflage system creating a new island above his face. The legend reborn 2009 the great spirit mata nui lands on the planet of bara magna, creates a new body, and becomes caught up in the furious battles of the nearly barren and dangerous. Everything wrong with bionicle mask of light in under 22. Web of shadows, was released as a directtodvd feature in 2005. There were also comic books released during the span of the original run, but after bionicle was discontinued the comic books were gathered into volumes of graphic novels, with the comic books being discontinued. Ackar was similarly confused by mata nui s choice of a companion, but eventually ignored it. Takanuva, kirop, and tanma discuss their effort to restore the rest of the shadow matoran and evacuate the avmatoran from karda nui before mata nuis awakening renders karda nui uninhabitable meanwhile, kopaka manages to acquire the. The toa mata were created by artakha over 100,000 years ago on daxia in. Bionicle i the mask of light full movie andrew kat. The rise of mata nui also known as the final battle animation is an online animation featured on in extended segments and which shows a simplified version of events which took place during the final battle, along with the exact details of the appearance and reawakening of the great spirit mata nui.

Sep 16, 2003 directed by david molina, terry shakespeare. Everything wrong with bionicle 2 legends of metru nui in 19 minutes or. Two further bionicle movies were confirmed prior to the release of mask of light, with the second being another directtovideo feature and a third for theatrical release. Once the ruler of an entire universe, the great spirit mata nui finds himself cast out of his own body, his spirit trapped inside the fabled mask of life, hurtling through space. The player can go to eight places, all around the island and click objects and characters that appeared in bionicle. It is now available for download here on the biomedia project website, just install the launcher and it will be available to download and install. Metru nui was located in mata nui s head, and served as his brain. The legend of mata nui has been listed as one of the video games good articles under the good article criteria. Complete mata nui online game cutscenes by dakota conn. Mata nui, the great spirit, is a powerful being whose body contained the matoran universe. The turaga have discovered that mata nui isnt just asleep, but dying. The spirit protecting the island, put into a deep sleep, has returned and only the mask of light, in the hands of two matoran who are assisted by six heroes, can return. The legend reborn, mata nui was voiced by michael dorn.

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