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Hargate will take the second role in khun samee karmalor tee rak. We are closing out the cupid series with defeating love, featuring the big boss himself, khun phim ken theeradeth and his feisty secretary, waralee chompoo araya. Posted in lakorn thai dramas tagged, benz pornchita, boy pidsanu, chompoo araya, mia taeng, rome and chompoo, rome patchata nampan post navigation search. See more ideas about thai drama, drama and drama 2016. Please give a round of applause for jia or you may know her as j from scribblings of a fangirl. Mia taeng rewatch recapping khun samee made fall in love with rome chompoo all over again and i suddenly felt an urge to revisit mia taeng which was my first lakorn of them together. Just rewatch there 1st role last a couple of days mia taeng. She denies that she disliked chompoo araya for stealing her partner ken theeradeth to play in the lakorn wiwa waa woon that the ratings are shaking. Live action dramas web drama thai drama drama movies korean drama tv series it cast handsome dao kiang. The much anticipated remake lakorn mia taeng wedded wife starring rome patchata nampan, chompoo araya hargate, and benz pornchita na songkhla premiered this monday.

Honestly,i didnt feel tired to watch and enjoy these kind of lakorns because thailand is the best at making cheesy love. Mia taeng wedded wife with rome patchata nampan and chompoo araya a. I am most amazed with the romance quality and quantity. Rome patchata as kongkai chompoo araya as arunprapai benz pornchita as bproong, kongkais gf synopsis. Kudos to the people who make an effort to look good even going to the grocery store. Mia taeng wedded wife with rome patchata nampan and chompoo araya. Rome and araya foreign movies, thai drama, dramas, rome, songs, watch. The unique thing about this couple is that we have seen their relationship throughline. This is a slap and kiss lakorn, just to warn those who may wish to watch it, and has the usual slap and kiss tropes, including rape. She has done an amazing job committing herself to providing us recaps for khun samee kamalor tee rak, a lakorn that ive once dropped, but due to her second look at this drama, i am feeling inspired to add it to my list again as you should too. Mia taeng aka wedded wife thai drama, good movies, foreign. Recently end lakorn or old lakorn from the past discussion here only. Mia taeng with chompoo araya 2011 buang with sririta jensenin production. He then took a 6 month hiatus from acting to spend time with him.

Hargate, lakorn, music, mv, ost, por tissadee sahawong, tom yum lum sing, videos 7 comments the opening theme song of tomyum lum sing has been released, the song that has the same name as the lakorn title. Jam leuy ruk thailand, series, starring aum atichart. In addition, rome decided to change his name from rome patchata to ohm atshar due to the recommendations from many people. Kongkai lives his life as a playboy, so his mother. What kind of woman could inspire a pek to say these words. Chompoo araya foreign movies thai drama full house good movies kdrama thailand tv shows my love. This is not a new theme in lakorn world since most of my lakorns already watched have this kind of story line. Khun samee kamalor tee ruk my dear fake husband starring. The opening song is dramafilled, and the clips are most spoilerific. Chompoo arayaforeign moviesthai dramafull housegood. Thats the conundrum facing novelist rudchawee nickname don. Rome patchata plays the spoiled and selfish heir khongai gets forced by his mother to marry the food judge arunprapai played by chompoo hargate. As for the upcoming year, 2011, lakorn fans have a lot to look forward for in the upcoming year with different varities of genre from famous remakes of tawipop, faa jarod sai, nai roi rak, seua sang faa, koo kaen saen rak, and sanae bangkok which will all air through channel 7.

Rome, known by his new stage name ohm atshar nampan, is thai actor and model. Posted in ch3, engsub lakorn, vietsub vietdub lakorn tagged chompoo, rome. The 2nd remake of mia taeng starred rome patchata and chompoo araya as a couple who marry due to reasons apart from love who grow to love each other. I saw a lady in a full set of lashes along with nicely curled hair. Im not old school enough to have seen the old version, but im predicting major angst, pissoffness, and romance. Dear lakorn gods, can you make monday come faster, pretty please okay.

Chompoo araya halts interviews regarding rumors of pregnancy october 27, 2014 by arissaya bunan 1 comment actress, chompoo araya doesnt seem bothered at all by the rumors of her being pregnant as she is enjoying her time working in japan. I really like this lakorn, so this is a video of clips from episode 5 to 8. Anne denies she dislikes chompoo for pairing up with ken. Im not doing this on purpose but my lakorns somehow continue to revolve around marriages. Lakorn updates, synopsis, dara news, tpop mvs, photos, and celebrity gossips. May, 2014 mia taeng aka wedded wife oh, my it seems like a very loooooong time since i blogged about lakorn.

So, i decided to make a video off of the first 4 episodes. A thai lakorn is a thai lakorn, meaning a rush ending is part of the culture. Thai ch3 new upcoming lakorn 2011 afn asianfuse network. It seems like a very loooooong time since i blogged about lakorn. These two despises each other instantly, but pai still marries him to avoid rumors about having a affair with her married exboyfriend. Discover ideas about chompoo araya mia taeng wedded wife with rome patchata nampan and chompoo araya a. Lan graduated from frenemy to officially becoming pims friend and they make a great team fending off the horrid garaged who tries to use her position as the customer to boss them around. Kat on rome patchata went under the knife to get rhinoplasty. Oh boy, im left breathless by the twists and turns in ep1112. Chompoo araya alberta hargate popular sexy thailand model and singer wonder mode chompoo is a very famous superstar in thailand. Lakorn director gai warayuth milintajinda and leading actor rome patchata nampan are sooo sweet to each other, even in front of the media they pass messages to each other through their interviews, as. Chompoo araya as pimapa rome patchata as rudchawee aka don episode 1 i love you.

Chompoo araya alberta hargate popular sexy thailand model. See more ideas about asian makeup tutorials, full house thai, action anime movies. On the wednesday 24th episode of the popular star guest talk show ratree somasorn, chompoo araya hargate who plays aroonpapai announced that mia taeng will end on tuesday august 30. Pgai, i wont let you down december 10, 2009 by orn in thai. Num played a crime buster who disguised himself as a babysitter in vickys house, babysitting her three kids adoptive mother or. Despite chompoo and rome looking great, there wasnt any sparks between. Mia taeng wedded wife is another force marriage drama.

Episode 5 pim and lan go to work separately to investigate the source of the complaints and the person leaking narees product information to their competitors. I just started watching this lakorn, khun samee, and i absolute love it. Rome had to pull out from lakorn fai lang fai with matt peranee in order to take care of his father. Thai superstar rome patchata nampan and chompoo araya a. The lakorns i were excited for end of last year didnt quite hold my attention as i. Rome chompoo khun samee karmalor tee ruk sp duration. Pop thakoon karnthip, pope tanawat wattanaputi, por tissadee sahawong, rita sririta jensen, rome patchata nampan, smart krissada pornweroj, susie susira angelina nanna.

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