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Tighten the valve body positioning screws according to. Differential 274 273 698b 290 725 793 074 269 278 279 710 207 795 304 759 780 rear cover 730 pinion 274 273 381 698 899 7 276 280 281 712 208 796 074 066 774. Automatic transmission trans transmission valve body assy u241eu140f author. How to order 5 port solenoid valve body ported series vz5000 type of actuation. Process valves symbols icons for planners, designers and piping engineers. We offer a resulting pdf file created in test scenario mode at the end of the each. Properly selected and maintained control valves increase efficiency, safety, profitability, and ecology. The inch version contains nptf and sae ported assemblies.

Nafcheck tilting disc check valves size 224, ansi class 150 and 300, naf 526440 528661 fk 30. Removal of this part may cause permanent damage to the valve. The body, the first pressure boundary of a valve, resists fluid pressure loads from connecting piping. Defective valve body and conductor plate issues have effected many mercedesbenz cars equipped with 722. Use compressed air to pressurize reservoir while running pump or fill inlet hose with oil from the pump end. Intergraph spispf s3d are preset up to easily import this standard ddp data and display 3d control valve shapes. Soft seats of three different materials are available. A onepiece, leakproof stainless steel valve body to minimize leakage paths enhanced product integrity through a spring loaded stem seal packing that provides a long, maintenance free and safe operation dual low friction bearings and a specially designed seat, resulting in.

The tag on the side of the transmission says sol strategy and sol body id. This transbrake valve body has been modified along with the component pieces. A onepiece, leakproof stainless steel valve body to minimize leakage paths enhanced product integrity through a spring loaded stem seal packing that provides a long, maintenance free and safe operation dual low friction bearings and a specially designed seat, resulting in a smooth operation and making it. This catalogue illustrates commonly used cartridge and body assemblies. Optional check valve a check valve saves approximately 20 gallons of water per zone during every irrigation cycle while protecting the area from water puddling and runoff. Turning the adjusting screw clockwise will increase the pressure and counterclockwise will decrease the pressure. Electrostatic discharge can damage the control module, which is located within the plastic housing. Once the valve body is in position, insert the park rod into the manual shift lever and hold the valve body in place with a couple of bolts. Has a number 2 rear control body 6041sn af17 valve body has a long. Our warranty conditions will be not valid in case tapered fittings are used. Sonnax zip kit 6t40zip targets the root cause of multiple concerns by sealing critical circuit pressure losses in gm gen.

Jatconissan cvt jf010e re0f09are0f09b 2019 sonnax transmission company, inc. Nafcheck valves dn 40 500 mm, pn10 40 en series, short overall length to din en 5581, table 11, series 16 corresponds to din 3202, part 3, series k 3. Replace the line bias valve spring 319 with the one supplied in this kit and install the components back into the valve body exactly as shown in the figure. After the selector is placed in reverse range the transmission brake must be activated to engage reverse. Suns complete line of products with technical information is shown elsewhere on this web site. Detailed answers on most frequently asked questions related to valve body. A unique aspect of the unibody valve actuator is the ability to be easily interchanged among the various unibody valve sizes to simplify selecting or changing actuators.

Vc6800, vc6900 series floating control valves general the vc6800vc6900 series modulating control valves provide optimum control of hot andor chilled water flow in various heating and cooling applications, such as fan coil units, reheat coils and perimeter heating systems. Blank female npt both ends b ball check female npt bs female sw by male butt weld extended body. The six forward gears and reverse gear are engaged by three multiplate clutches and two plate brakes. Historically, a few design features have also been used as part of the prefix s, b, and r. Transmission case and external parts transmission case and external parts legend. The gearbox is a conventional multistep automatic with hydrodynamic torque converter and. This output file also contains the control valve spec sheet data as per spi form 90. Gm 6t404550 gf6 gen i concerns and repair techniques. Component application chart oil pressure value chart oil pump to case passages case to oil pump passages case passages case checkball locations valve body passages separator plate passages separator plate checkball locations. The c4 pro mod trans is designed for the serious heads up racer whos reaction times are. The work port adaptors have to be fastened respecting.

The kit contains uniquelydesigned parts to prevent the loss of pressures within the main line, clutch apply control. The nafsetball combines the best control characteristics of the ball valve and the butter. Component apply chart position clutch brake 1way clutch c0 c1 c2 c3 b1 b2 f0 f1 p x r 7 mph x x n x d 1 x x x x 2 x x x x n cont. This fifth edition presents vital information on control valve performance and. A fully female threaded valve as the traditional vogt standard does not have a prefix number. Just remove 4 bolts, and you can change the actuator on any unibody valve without. Piping stress handbook by victor helguero part 1 free ebook download as pdf file. Tighten the valve body positioning screws according to the order shown torque spec 10 nm 2. Ensure the primary pulley adjustment valve lever is connected to both the stepper motor and the positioning fork on the transmission. The detailed steps below correlate to the quick guide steps. Solenoid valve types ev220b 1550 and ev220bw 4050 danfoss.

This zip kit aw6040lezip is designed for 6040le af applications only. Refer to figure 9 for exploded view of the valve body assembly components. Refer to figure 10 for exploded detail view of the rear side of the main valve body. Valve body the body, sometimes called the shell, is the primary pressure boundary of a valve. A separate zip kit aw6041snzip is available for 6041sn af17 applications.

They can be identified as having a larger and taller head than the valve body retention bolts. Fwd 4 speed aisin warner 6040le a reverse clutch c e b low reverse clutch d rear planet 34 clutch 34 coast clutch drum forward clutch forward drum coast clutch forward sprag. Process valves symbols icons for planners, designers and. Drain automatic transaxle fluid a remove the drain plug, gasket and drain atf. The control valve handbook has been a primary reference since its first printing in 1965. When a valve body is replaced it is likely that the solenoid strategy will.

The metric version contains bspp ported assemblies. This transmission has a valve body, a hardwired harness, and seven solenoids. The control valve handbook has been a primary reference. Each valve body is made of dezincification resistant brass and the valve seats are made of stainless steel. The relief valve is adjusted by removing the acorn nut 6 and turning the adjusting screw 4. Servooperated 22way solenoid valves for steam type. Dimensional data for piping data file out of ff2 in. Option electrical entry body option pe port 3r port pe port 3r port 9 manual override thread type. These are the program strategies for the pcm and the valve body solenoid pairing ids.

This valve body does not have engine braking in manual low range, eliminating the chance of engine overspeeding and loss of vehicle control that can result if the transmission is downshifted to manual low range at high vehicle speed. Psi is boosted to the clutch when solenoid pressure reaches 684kpa 99 psi. Cd4e la4ael fwd 4 speed d c e b a converter reactor low reverse clutch low intermediate reverse overdrive planet shell low intermediate ring gear forward direct drum direct clutch overdrive servo pump shaft f low rev clutch piston differential differental ring gear front chain cover side pan 1 10 2 1 45 11 70 60 46 21 119 123. When the hole in the ball is orientated in the same direction as the pipe, this will result in full flowrate. As the hole in the ball is oriented away from the direction of the pipe, the flowrate will be restricted and finally cut off completely when the hole is oriented at 90 degrees to the pipe direction. A marmon berkshire hathaway company the sonnax products listed here may be protected by one or more patents, or be patent pending. Locate the line bias valve and related components 310, 311, 318 and 319 and remove them from the valve body as shown in the figure below.

The circular wafer body is designed to be clamped between. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Nafsetball ball sector valves dn 25500, pn 1040, ansi class 150300 fk 41. Be sure to specify the hunter prospray for system longevity in case of unknown water quality. Aisin warner tf80sc, af406 automatic choice mafiadoc. Lever system the lever system can be turned up or down depending on the location of the valve. Monoblock and sectional directional control valve series hdm.

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